Workshop 1: Make a Plan & Build a Kit

Three dates: NetPrep_W1backpack
Saturday, April 5
, 2-5 pm, Brentwood-Darlington Community Center
Sunday, April 13, 2-5 pm, Moreland Presbyterian Church, 1814 SE Bybee Blvd
Saturday, May 3, 2-5 pm, Trinity United Methodist Church, 3915 SE Steele St

Learn why we need to prepare for different disasters and how to keep your family safe by creating an emergency plan and building an emergency kit.


• Welcome and introduction

• Your Family/Household Plan

Steve Bullock, Multnomah County Emergency Management
Why should we prepare? What types of disasters can occur in our area and what to expect. Creating your family emergency plan, including getting everyone back together and planning for children, pets and others with special needs.

• Break/door prize drawing

• Your Emergency Kit: Basics

American Red Cross
What should go in it: key basic necessities and medical supplies. How and where to store it.

• Do-It-Yourself Kits

Nancy Lapp and Virginia Petersen, Woodstock Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET)
Putting your kit together from what’s at home and affordable equipment and supplies. Where to get supplies and gear. Simple substitutes for first aid items.

• Emergency Sanitation

PHLUSH (Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human)

Why this is important in the Pacific NW. Inexpensive two-bucket emergency toilet system and how to use it. Hand-washing using minimal water.

• PREP: Local Information and Resources

Liz Bryant, NET
Additional information at the PREP (Planning for Resilience and Emergency Preparedness) website, a key resource for Oregon.

• Closing and final drawing

Tables: Red Cross, DIY kits, PHLUSH, PREP, NET/ARES (ham radio group)



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