Workshop 2: Help Friends & Neighbors Get Prepared

Three dates:NetPrep_W2neighbors
Wednesday, April 30
, 6:30-9 pm, SEIU Hall, 6401 SE Foster Rd
Tuesday, May 13, 6:30-9 pm, SMILE Station, 8210 SE 13th Ave
Tuesday, May 20, 6:30-9 pm, Reedwood Friends Church, 2901 SE Steele St

In major disasters, the vast majority of people needing help are rescued by their neighbors. Encouraging neighbors to prepare also helps create a more friendly, connected, resilient neighborhood.


• Welcome and introduction

• Preparing Your Community

Alice Busch, Multnomah County Department of Human Services, and Liz Bryant, PREPOregon/NET
Addressing everyone’s fears of thinking about disasters. How to encourage friends and neighbors to get prepared. How to organize with neighbors to help each other after a disaster.

• Break/door prize drawing

• Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET)

Jeremy Van Keuren, Portland Bureau of Emergency Management
The NET Teams, how they operate, training content, and how to apply. The additional need for ham radio operators and how to get a license. How to access emergency broadcasts in a disaster.

• Closing and final drawing

Tables: PREP, NET/ARES (ham radio group)